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1006TC Probes and Accessories

A range of probes and accessories for the 1006TC Digital Thermometer.

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Flexible air probe - T type sensor

  • Use to monitor temperatures by placing the wire probe inside the fridge/freezer and shutting the door to give a true reading
  • 2 pin mini connector type
  • 250°C/ 482°F maximum tip temperature
  • 0.5 secs time const.

Needle Probe - T type sensor

  • Connector Type: 2 pin mini
  • Time const. (secs): 0.5 Max.
  • Tip Temp. 375°C/707°F

General Purpose Probe - T type sensor

  • Connector type: 2 pin mini
  • Max. tip temp. 250°C/482°F
  • 100mm/3.9" shaft length

Description Code Stock Unit Price
Protective boot for 1000 series DG1000BTBU In Stock EA
Flexible air probe DGT0000 In Stock EA
T Type Needle Probe DGT0112D In Stock EA
T Type General Purpose Probe DGT0234D In Stock EA
Oven Air Probe DGLCT0334 In Stock EA
General Purpose Probe DGT0234LC In Stock EA
Needle Probe DGLCT0112 In Stock EA
Probe Wipes DGPW200 In Stock EA

1006TC Probes and Accessories

  • 1006TC Probes and Accessories