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Data Loggers

The monitoring of environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, is recognised as a key element of modern quality assurance programmes. These conditions and variable measurement parameters can be met with Digitron’s range of portable data loggers.

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  1. Console user admin package

    Console user admin package

    More Information
    Console user admin package - aids compliance with US FDA's 21CFR Part II License

    Part no: DGMA-SWP-UAP

  2. Escort Console software

    Escort Console software

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    MA-SWP-CON Escort Console software for programing and analysis of the data retrieved

    Part no: DGMA-SWP-CON

  3. Protective rubber boot

    Protective rubber sleeve

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    RT-BOOT Protective rubber sleeve gives added protection to instrument if dropped.

    Part no: DGRT-BOOT

  4. Alarm Link or Interface holder

    Alarm Link or Interface holder wall mounting

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    The Alarm Link Interface Holder is designed to hold the Alarm Link Inter-face together with the JUNIOR and iLog loggers securely in position.

    Part no: DGML-HOLD

  5. Serial to USB interface for use with Intelligent Mini's
  6. Serial to USB Adaptor

    Serial to USB Adaptor

    More Information
    The USB to serial port adapter is an interface cable connecting the USB port of your PC to Intelligent Mini logger or the ESCORT PC interface.

    Part no: DGSER-USB-KIT

  7. Interface Cradle

    Interface Cradle

    More Information
    MLLINK-USB Interface cradle, use for programming and data retrieval from Escort data loggers.

    Part no: DGMLLINK-USB

  8. Alarm link to relay output

    Alarm link to relay output

    More Information
    Alarm link to relay output

    Part no: DGML-ALARM

  9. Egg Logger Interface Cable

    Egg Logger Interface Cable

    More Information
    The Escort Egg logger interface will communicate with ESCORT JUNIOR Egg logger to PC

    Part no: DGMN-INT-E

  10. Starter Key Magnet

    Starter Key Magnet

    More Information
    MLKEY Starter key magnet can be used to activate data logger when a predetermined start date is not suitable.

    Part no: DGMLKEY

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