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PM Series (HVAC)

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  1. Gas Safe Kit

    Gas Safe Kit

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    Kit comprising of a DGS 10 gas leak detector, TM-22 thermometer and a PM 80 pressure meter. Great for the HVAC professional!

    Part no: NI-GASKIT

  2. PM-20 Pressure Meter

    PM-20 Pressure Meter

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    Featuring 0-130 millibar measurement range this fast response pressure meter is water resistant and comes with a rubber boot.

    Part no: DGPM-20

  3. PM-80 Pressure Meter

    PM-80 Pressure Meter

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    Like the PM-20 it boasts a 0-130 millibar range but also features selectable units and a smoothing function.

    Part no: DGPM-80

  4. Digitron Calibration Certificate

    Digitron Calibration Certificate

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    Certificates of Calibration, which are often essential as part of quality assurance systems, can be purchased alongside your new instrument.

    Part no: DGCAL-CERT-INST

Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)