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Service, repair and calibration

Our products perform vital tasks. You need to ensure they are operational at all times. Regardless of where you are in the world, we have a network of highly trained technicians able to deal with your servicing needs. We provide a wide array of services throughout the lifecycle of the product to keep you up and running with a minimum downtime.

Digitron is pleased to offer an on-site service team who are committed to fulfilling your repair, servicing and calibration needs.

Standard service

  • Quick turnaround, dependent on account status or quotation requests
  • All units are provided with an in-house Traceable to National Standards certificate
  • Calibration Traceable to National Standards on non-Digitron products

Premium service

  • We can arrange next-day collection with a courier service for safe delivery of product and provide proof of delivery and signature if required
  • We can arrange full UKAS certificates on all Digitron and non-Digitron products
  • We can offer loan units whilst your product is being serviced
  • Digitron-maintained Service Contracts for large and regular quantities available; please call to discuss your requirements and price.

Traceable calibration capabilities

Temperature Instrument only
Simulated inputs type:
K (-199.0 to +1300°C)
T (-199.0 to 400°C)
PT100 (-100 to 800°C)
  Instrument & probe
Using digital stirred Waterbath range:  -30 to +100°C
Using dry block +21 to 400°C
(mbar, Bar PSI, Pascal)
Range 0-25mbar, 0-130mbar, 0-2Bar, 0-7Bar, 0-10Bar & 0-2Bar absolute (Vacuum)
Relative humidity 0 to 100% & -30 to 100°C (Using environmental chamber)
Airflow 0 to 10m/s (Using bench top wind tunnel)

Work Order Number requests 

Prior to returning your product for servicing please request a Works Order Number by downloading the Service Request Form in either .doc or .docx format, filling it in and e-mailing it back in the same format (Word Doc) to: digitron.service@elektron-technology.com.

Once submitted you should receive your returns form updated with a works order number reference within 24 hours or alternatively it can be verbally requested, please call +44 (0)1803 407688.
Please print the revised form and enclose with your product being returned for servicing.

Customers may request an upfront fixed price prior to returning your unit, this speeds up the turnaround time and allows you to raise a Purchase Order before sending the product.

Download the Service Request Form - .doc format

Download the Service Request Form - .docx format


Please call our service department direct on: +44 (0)1803 407688.

Instruments for repair and calibration should be sent to:
Elektron Technology UK Ltd
Service Department
Woodland Road

Please let us know if you would like a conformation of delivery e-mail when returning your product.